January 27, 2023: Festival of Arts Synthesis "Song of Songs", January 27-29 dedicated to the memory of Herman Olshuk "... Put me like a seal on your heart, like a ring on your hand..."
Wednesday Jan 11 2023 14:50:52

Music, painting, choreography, poetry, video art, ritual art, photography, performance.

In the program of the 3-day festival:

- Mystery "Song of Solomon's Songs".

Record presentation.

Music: German Olshuk, voice: Camille Lubart,

mystery: OddDance theater,

video art - Andrey Kolosov.-

Photoretrospective "Hieroglyphs of Life and Death".

Photo - Andrey Kolosov, model - Camille Lubart, music - Herman Olshuk.- Seas of Hera.

Video art — Andrey Kolosov, music — Herman Olshuk- Ensemble \"Edge".

- Evgeny EugeneKha Kharitonov.- Margarita Vorobieva Margo Vrubel.

- Odddance. Grigory Glazunov, Natalia Zhestovskaya, Yulia Rodina, Elena Ermak, Polina Zyryanova.

- ABOVE. Nastya Shcherbakova, Dmitry Kalinin.

- Performance "Cali-graphy". Yöta, Manana Marshak. Music: Denovaire, Yota.

- Purba.

- Mystery "Clouds of unknown". Alesya Belaya Ptitsa - voice, Camilla Lubart - movement.

- Heavenly land surveyors.

- Lada Raskolnikova - audio-visual performance.

- Solo performance "Van Gogh". Andrey Davydov.

- Mystery "Sphere Tree" (tree of spheres). Sound - Purba. Voice - Alesya White Bird. Movement, painting - Camille Lubart.

- OddDance. Solo performance "DREAMS". Grigory Glazunov.

- Dmitry Zakharov. Alexey Rafiev.

- Performance "Cramps in the lower abdomen." Igor Rodin, Marta Zagraevskaya, music - Pyotr Abramenko (August Omens)

- Sounds We- PsyJazz

- Video retrospective. East Project, PsyJazz, Kolosov_art, Nil-62

- Exhibition of Camilla Lubart "Sphere Tree Tree of Spheres".

Organizer: Camille LubartWith the support of the creative estate "Guslitsa"Cost: 1000 rubles for all 3 days of the festival.Accommodation and meals are paid separately.Reservation of rooms and purchase of tickets by tel. +7 (929) 599-32-98Read more - Song of Songs FestivalAge limit: 18+___The aim of the festival is to create an interactive audio-visual space of mystery, synthesizing various forms of musical, theatrical and visual arts.The idea is the eternal life of the human spirit in art and love.